Transportation Planning Board


The Madison Area Transportation Planning Board (TPB) administers the Rideshare Etc. program, working in partnership with Metro Transit, the State Vanpool Program, Dane County, City of Madison, UW-Madison, and other public and private employers throughout the area. The program serves commuters in a 48-county area of central and southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. The goal of the program is to reduce congestion and pollution and to help provide commuters travel options and personal transportation cost savings.

The number of new commuters had increased by 1,063 (90%) to 2,238 from 2006 to 2008 with the large increase in gas prices. That number dropped about 34% to 1,478 in 2010, but increased by 10% to over 1,600 in 2011. In 2012, 907 new commuters registered with the program. Assuming that 30% (a nationally accepted average) of the new commuter registrants with successful carpool matches actually result in ridesharing arrangements, the regional benefits of the ridesharing matches made by the Rideshare Etc. Program in 2012 are as follows:

  • 28, 839,000 fewer vehicle miles traveled (VMT)
  • $14,419,424 fewer dollars spent on personal commuting costs
  • 2,303 fewer required parking spaces
  • 330.0 fewer tons of carbon monoxide pollution
  • 46.4 fewer tons of volatile organic compounds pollution
  • 72.5 fewer tons of nitrogen oxide pollution

The number of commuters in the Madison Metro Area active in the Rideshare, Etc. program is much larger than the number of new commuters registered each year as some commuters keep their registrations active for many years. Notably, this database of “active commuters” includes not only persons interested in carpooling but also those interested in van pooling, transit and commuting by bicycle. Moreover, ridesharing arrangements are also formed outside the formal Rideshare Etc. program, which are not tallied. According to recent Census data, around 29,000 Dane County commuters car/vanpool to work.