Transportation Planning Board

guaranteed ride home

Guaranteed Ride Home is a service that provides a ride home from work in an emergency to regular carpool, vanpool, mass transit and bicycle commuters. After participants register with the Rideshare, Etc. Program, the first voucher is sent to the participant’s home address. The voucher is good for cab fare if an emergency arises when the commuter is at work without their vehicle. After a voucher is used commuters can receive additional vouchers by calling 266-RIDE or emailing

The vouchers are good for up to $75 per ride for a maximum of six rides per year. This per-trip allowance does not cover the driver gratuity. Participants requiring a ride with a commute distance costing more than $75 pay the difference of the trip with their own funds. The Rideshare, Etc. Program does not determine the legitimacy of an emergency.

Union Cab is the taxi service that the Guaranteed Ride Home Program is set up to use to provide taxi service. In the event of an emergency, the commuter calls Union Cab (242-2000) to request the ride. You can pay the driver with a voucher. You will need to sign the voucher before the driver will accept it as payment. If you forget a voucher, you can pay for the ride and get a receipt from the driver. Then send the receipt to the Rideshare Etc. Program for reimbursement.

To request a Guaranteed Ride Home voucher or get more information, email or call (608) 266-RIDE (7433).