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2018 Wisconsin MPO/RPC/DOT Transportation Planning Conference

MPO Plans and Projects

Performance Measure Reports

2018 Performance Measures Report (PDF) (48 MB)

2017 Performance Measures Report (PDF) (23 MB)

2016 Performance Measures Report (PDF) (15 MB)

2015 Performance Measures Report (PDF) (15 MB)


2020 Unified Planning Work Program (PDF) (13 MB)

Report of Joint CARPC-MPO Work Group (PDF) 

Dane County Bicycle and Pedestrian Crash Study

2017 Planning Certification Review  (PDF) (1 MB)

2017 MATPB Public Participation Evaluation (PDF) (4 MB)

2015 MPO Public Participation Plan (PDF) (4 MB)

Bus Size Study for Metro Transit Draft Final Report (PDF) (9 MB)


Madison Area Congestion Management Process

Other Agency Plans and Projects


The MPO publishes a variety of reports in transportation planning for roadway needs, bicycling, public transit, and other modes of transportation. Link to publications order form.