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Roadway Functional Classification Map

A draft of the roadway functional classification system map for the Madison urban area is available for review and comment. As part of the update, some additions are also being proposed to the Madison urban area boundary. See links below to a memo that provides more information and the draft map. Comments are requested by March 4, 2015 when the MPO Board may take action on the map.


Regional ITS Strategic Plan for the Madison Metropolitan Area

Bicycle Transportation Plan

Other Sponsor, MPO Involved


Transit Corridor Study -

Studying Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in the Madison Area

Please see separate study webpage.

Madison Area Congestion Management Process

2000 Bicycle Transportation Plan (PDF) (17 MB)

Hard copy available-$22 publication order form

2000 Bicycle Transportation Plan Summary (PDF) (4 MB)

Hard copy available-Free


The MPO publishes a variety of reports in transportation planning for roadway needs, bicycling, public transit, and other modes of transportation. Link to publications order form.