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What is the Regional Transportation Plan for the Madison Metropolitan Area?

The purpose of regional transportation plans (RTP) is to identify how the region intends to invest in the transportation system across all modes.  RTPs ensure that transportation projects are coordinated between the various levels of government (municipal, county, state, and federal). The Madison Area RTP 2050 contains this new coordinated vision for our region.

Federal law requires RTPs for urban areas over 50,000 in population as a condition for spending federal highway and transit funding.   RTPs must:

  • Forecast for demand for transportation facilities and services for 20 or more years
  • Identify policies, strategies, and projects that are recommended for the future
  • Include both short-range and long-range strategies and actions that lead to the development of an integrated multi-modal transportation system
  • Contain reasonable cost estimates for identified capital investments and operations and maintenance
  • Be updated every five years in air quality attainment areas (such as the Greater Madison Area).

MATPB’s current RTP was adopted in April of 2017.  For more information about the regional transportation planning process, please review the project factsheet.


John Nolen

An amendment to the Regional Transportation Plan 2050 to add a project on the Beltline (U.S. Highways 12/14/18/151) from Whitney Way to Interstate 39/90 to implement Dynamic Part-Time Shoulder Use was approved by MATPB in December 2019. 


Download the Regional Transportation Plan 2050 Report

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Regional Transportation Plan 2050 Full Appendix (PDF) (216 MB)

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Regional Transportation Plan 2050 Full Report with Full Appendix (PDF) (232 MB)



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