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Dane County Map for Bicyclists (2014)

Slice of Bike Map

The Dane County Map for Bicyclists is designed to assist bicyclists in identifying the safest, most enjoyable routes between origins and destinations.

To make it easier to print and take with you the map is now available to download by township at a larger scale with more detail, as well as in its original format showing the entire county. The map depicts the relative condition of rural roadways in the county for bicycling. The bicycle suitability ratings are intended for use by adult bicyclists who have had drivers training, and possess the skills and knowledge to handle shared bicycle/motor vehicle situations. Bicycling conditions for roadways in urban areas are not shown on the map. Bicycle maps for the City of Madison and other areas in Dane County are available here: Maps For Bicyclists.

The Dane County Map for Bicyclists is a cooperative effort by: The Madison Area Transportation Planning Board and Dane County.

Bike Map East (Dane County) (PDF) (14MB)

Bike Map West (Dane County) (PDF) (14MB)

Bike Map Legend (PDF)      Page-sized Bike Maps by Township

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View map layers from the Dane County Map for Bicyclists in Google Earth.


Instructions to get started:

    •  Install Google Earth.

    •  Download this KMZ file which contains:

        • Bike Paths (2014)

        • Bike Routes (2014)

        • Biking Suitability for Roads with Paved Shoulders (2014)

        • Biking Suitability for Roads without Paved Shoulders (2014)

        • Bike/Ped Over/Underpasses (2014)

    •   Start Google Earth. Go to File, Open, and select the KMZ file.


View bicycle facilities in Dane County on an Interactive Map.